Thursday, April 28, 2011


Thursday, April 28th

Activity: I started to work on the flash animation to use in the 3D animation, since I had finished modeling the area. I finished the first part of the animation, which shows a stick figure popping into the screen and then trying to break out by pounding on the screen. I tried doing a frame of a full person instead of just a stick figure at first, but it took too long so I decided to go with the simpler option.

Reflection: Animating the first scene took a lot less time than I thought, probably since I switched to stick figures, so hopefully it won't take too long to animate the entire thing. I used my laptop rather than the school comp since my tablet's settings are all installed and customized on my laptop, making drawing easier. The first scene is the most complex animation I think I'll have. Working with 30 frames was a bit weird though, since I'm so used to working with way less. And I still have to see how the animation appears on the laptop screen in the animation. But otherwise, I mainly have to focus on doing al the Flash animations and then putting them in the 3D animation and doing camera work.

Files: All of them are on my laptop.

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