Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Tuesday, March 1st

Activity: Today, I started to work with sounds with Soundtrack Pro and Final Cut. I mainly explored Soundtrack Pro to see what it could do, and also looked through my own music to see if I could find any songs that may fit with my fly through just as background music, as I can't think of many sounds that could be used. I downloaded two sound effects that I was experimenting with, a wind sound effect and a wind chime sound effect, though if I do use a wind sound effect I'll probably just make my own. Since I didn't have my rendered video, I followed along with the lecture about Final Cut but couldn't test it out myself. I also did a little bit of work on my wordplay, but quickly ran into some issues so I didn't get too much done.

Reflection: I'll have to look over the Final Cut stuff again, since I didn't get to test it out today. As for sound, since I already played around with it in my other animation class I took, it's really nothing new. The only new thing is the new program, but even that isn't too much of a jump, as I'm only working with one sound effect at a time and not making music tracks or anything like that. As for what sounds I'll be using, I think I'll use wind and chimes outside of the tower to give it a really high up and almost heavenly feel, and also add whooshes when the camera passes close to the tower. Inside the tower I was thinking of having a song play as though from a radio, since there's technically no sound in space.

Files: Desktop > wchimes.wav, wind01.aiff
          Working Volume > Ben Potts > 3D Animation > Exercises > bpflythrough228

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