Thursday, May 5, 2011


Thursday, May 5th

Activity: Since I had rendered at the wrong settings, I set up another render earlier this morning, but that one had a few issues with it as well.  I tweaked the file settings to move objects in the right place and hide some of the 2D animations that I had forgotten to hide and began rendering again, this time with everything working. I also hunted for sound effects and found most of them, all I need now is a sound effect for banging and some noise for when the stick figure passes through the laptop screen. I'll definitely be ready by tuesday, since I pretty much only have to tweak things in final cut now. I might stretch a few scenes out, but other than that I can't see any other reasons to rerender anything.

Files: Working Volume > Ben Potts > 3D Animation > Exercises > bpfinal55   
          Working Volume > Ben Potts > 3D Animation >   
          House > Documents > 3D Animation > Exercises > bpfinal55

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